Mirror wills from £245

Make a will with someone else who has similar wishes to yours.

At Amaryllis Associates our fixed cost mirror wills service makes writing your mirror wills quick, easy and affordable.

Once we have provided you with written quote for the agreed work to be done on your mirror wills, that price will not change.

All wills are stored free of charge for your lifetime. 

Mirror wills explained

In England and wales, mirror wills, sometimes also called mirror image wills or joint wills, are commonly used by married and unmarried couples that have very similar wishes about what should be written into their wills. 
Mirror wills are two separate legal documents that are practically identical in almost every way, except for the name if the person and perhaps their individual funeral wishes. 


A simple example of what a couple with children could write into their mirror wills is that each person leaves everything to the other, and whoever dies last leaves everything to the children in equal shares.

Will a mirror will work best for me?

Mirror wills are almost identical legal documents, so if each of you wants something different written into each will, it is better not to choose mirror wills. In this case, you would simply have two separate wills written, with each will specifying each person’s requirements.

Advantages of mirror wills

If you and your partner have similar wishes, mirror wills can be a more cost effective option than making separate single wills. From as little as £245 (including VAT) you and your spouse or partner could both set out legally what your wishes are. 

If you die without a will in place England or Wales, this is called dying intestate. The rules of intestacy would then apply meaning that the law decides who inherit your estate. For example, who gets your property, car, financial assets, your possessions and even your pets.

If you die with no will and you have no living family members entitled under the rules of intestacy then the Crown will get everything.

Disadvantages of mirror wills

After mirror wills have been written, either person can subsequently change or update their will without the other person knowing. The same applies after the death of one person, since there is no obligation for the surviving person to keep their original mirror will. It is therefore essential that you take the right advice and guidance when making mirror wills.


When you choose Amaryllis Associates services, we can help you both make mirror wills to ensure your wishes are known for your property and possessions to go to the people or charities you choose, after you die. 

What happens with our wills if we die together?

When making a mirror will, or any other type of will, it’s important to consider and plan for all potential scenarios, including what should happen if you both die together.

At Amaryllis Associates, our will writing specialists can discuss this eventually with you. We can then ensure your mirror wills contain the correct clauses to accurately reflect what you would like to happen if you both die together.