The Small Claims (Litigation) Assistance Service

The Small Claims (Litigation) Assistance Service

We are obliged to act in your best. If you have a money claim over £10,000, you are able to recover your legal costs if you win.

We are obliged to advise you that is nearly always in your best interests to have full legal representation. This may involve you paying solicitors on a normal hourly rate basis for legal services upfront (hourly rates vary defendant on location), you get the added benefit of lawyers acting for you, instead of just helping you run your claim. If you win you will recover those costs, if your claim is over £10,000.


How our Assistance service can help you

The Assistance service is designed for matters where you cannot recover your legal costs, even if you win, this service is designed to help you with Small Claims, or claims below £10,000 in value.

However, should you require help with claims of value above £10,000, either in the Fast Track (£10,000 – £25,000 in value), or the Multi Track (£25,000 upwards), and cannot afford to hire a solicitor to represent you, we may still be able to assist you.

There are many small businesses and individuals who are pursuing or defending claims above the Small Claims limit (some against solicitors & barristers) who cannot afford to instruct solicitors. We have experience in litigation matters from small track and fast track – claims varying from trivial and straightforward to more complex and high value.

It is in your best interest to instruct solicitors or barristers to represent you when you can recover costs of that representation if you win, rather than have someone assist you in representing yourself (as litigant in person). We can discuss your matter with you and advise if this option would be more suited to your needs or if we can assist in your claim.

The Simple Solution

The Simple Solution

Relinquish the Timeshare burden
Assess if you have entitlement to a reclaim or compensation
Take back control of your life and finance, give yourself that piece of mind
Be free from the burden


Find yourself bound in a biased, costly and unwanted agreement?

Find yourself bound in a biased, costly and unwanted agreement?

Timeshare, Holiday Product, Resale agreements. Set yourself FREE with our fixed fee termination service.

Feel distressed, confused and out of pocket. We know how the industry functions and the ups and downs and uncertainties you have faced. Don’t quite know who to trust and who is providing accuracy.
We guarantee added reassurance to each termination achieved, not just from us at Amaryllis but backed by the Insurance Industry, an underwritten Insurance Protection Scheme*

*T&C’s apply

Own a Timeshare, Holiday Product, Resale Agreement

Own a Timeshare, Holiday Product, Resale Agreement

Did you buy into Rewards/ Credits

Did you buy a fractional ownership into a lodge as an “upgrade”

Did you take out services which you believe were not performed with reasonable skill & care

Did you purchase a product which is faulty, late or not fit for purpose?

Have the above shortfalls left you feeling

  • Misrepresented
  • Conned
  • Loss of money
  • Loss dignity
  • They feel ashamed
  • Vulnerable
  • Denial they have fallen victim to a scam
  • Stuck
  • Insecure
  • Don’t know who to trust
  • Lonely – not being able to tell family & friends

Holding onto pain is you providing justification for something that you can be free from.

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